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Email Marketing -
The Most Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

By Dean McNamara

Email marketing has become one of the most powerful tools in any businesses arsenal. And yet many businesses are not utilizing this effective strategy.

A typical marketing strategy for businesses has been, and continues to be, to spend thousands of dollars a month blasting their latest special offer into letter boxes, magazines, radio, and television. They do can not track the results of most of these adverts, and can only hope that they will attract some customers through the door by the power of the offer they are pitching.

Once these customers come to the store to check out the sale, they either buy or they leave. The business then waits until the next promotion before trying to pull these and other customers into the store using the same advertising methods.

Now consider the strategy that a smart business owner would employ in their marketing campaigns. They would be constantly soliciting the email address of customers and people browsing their store. This could be done by having a monthly draw, or free giveaway for every email collected.

If they were to run a multi-media campaign they would include a special offer in exchange for a customers emails address, or they would include an online deal that required the input of an email address.

Once an email list has been generated they would keep in regular contact with these people.  The customers on this list may receive information relating to the niche or market that you are in. They may receive advanced notice of any sales coming up, or special email only deals.  Each customer on the email list could be given an incentive to encourage their friends to join the list.

The business now using email marketing to its full effect can at next to no expense advertise a sale that would other wise cost thousands. They can draw customers through their doors at a moments notice by sending out an email.

One Pizza shop used this to great effect by tuning into the weather forecast. Any days where rain was predicted they would send out an email the night before offering a special deal - thus turning slow rainy days into busy sale days.

Email marketing is faster, cheaper, and more targeted than all other traditional marketing forms. An email campaign may select only people on your list that have purchased from you before, or even that have purchased a particular product before.

For example if you sell someone seeds, there is a good chance that in a couple of weeks they will be looking for weed control products, or bug control products. You could have an email set to market such products to those customers at a predefined time.

If you sell a person a new car and you know the average time that your customers of that type of car are looking to trade again you can have an email campaign automatically triggered to offer special incentives for that customer to test drive the latest model.

Remember email marketing is fast, targeted, has trackable results, and is cheap. Every business should include in their marketing strategy email marketing.

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