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Online Marketing - Essential To Your Businesses Survival

By Dean McNamara

Why should you invest in marketing online?


There are many reasons that online marketing is wise strategy for business today. One of the obvious reasons is the fact that the Internet has become an integral part of many people's lives. Email and social media sites have become the preferred communication channels for a large percentage of the population.


If you are building a brand, or marketing your brand, then you need to be where the people are. This is why many of the big name brands sponsor sporting events and other events that attract the crowds. It is also why they pay to be featured in movies. Fortunately for those of us without multi-million dollar advertising budgets the Internet is an effective way to market your brand on a much lower budget.


Social media has also changed the way people purchase. Once a person looking for a new item would go into a shop and rely on the expertise of the shop assistant (for better or worse) as to the best item for their needs. Now, people are more likely to seek online reviews, and ask questions in online forums, to be able to make informed shopping decisions. For a company to take advantage of this they have to have a web presence and use marketing campaigns that allow for customer interaction before a purchase is completed.


Online marketing is also unique in that it is easy to track results to measure the efficiency of a given marketing strategy. The only form of marketing that was effectively able to achieve this in the past was Direct Response mailings. Direct marketing in this manner was both costly and slow. With the Internet it is possible to get instant feedback (within minutes sometimes). There is no waiting for a print mailing to be sent out, or magazine to be published and purchased. You can buy ads online that feature instantly. You can then see how many people are clicking on the adverts and how many of those people are converting into buyers.


Another advantage of Internet marketing is the ability to target specific customers very easily. You can market locally or you can market globally with ease. A well formatted marketing strategy will not only target a specific population, but it will also qualify potential buyers before they come to your site.


Market research has never been easier or cheaper than it is on the Internet. To fully utilize the power that online media offers, a business must have social media presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This activity must follow a plan complete with the correct analysis facilities to measure and follow-up on trends. Without setting objectives and having an organized strategy an online promotion is no more effective than any other marketing campaign.


Advertising agencies in other media have bankrupted companies because they have little accountability. They may run a campaign to "build brand awareness" which costs a company many thousands of dollars. Because there is no way of tracking results the advertising agency goes on to win awards for creativity and beauty while the company funding the exercise sees no increase in sales. If you hire one of these companies to build a website you may experience the same thing. A beautiful website that does not rank in the search engines, nor will it increase your sales.


Management of online marketing strategies is essential. The best Internet marketing campaigns are those that go viral. People spread the message of your company through social media sites and email. The results from viral marketing online will eclipse those of any other form of media, and do so at a fraction of the cost. That is why your business should be involved in online marketing.

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