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Marketing on Prime Time Tips

By Dean McNamara

The recession hits not only small businesses but also big business. Often when budgets get cut businesses will cut back on all unnecessary expenditure. Sadly, many businesses see advertising as unnecessary expenditure when times get tough. Happily, that means that great deals can be had for smart business owners like you.

Television stations probably suffer more than most media during these tough times. They are in the top end advertising market which is an easy cost cut for business budgets. The cost of maintaining the station does not go down so it does not take the loss of many customers to hurt their budget. So if you are looking to break into the television market there is no better time to approach them with an offer.

Another advantage when times are tough is that you have more choice in advertising slots. With less advertisers it often possible to negotiate prime time slots such as during the news or a popular series. Which if your target market watches during these times will improve your reach.

You will be surprised at the discounts that can be negotiated when advertisers are few. One negotiating tactic is to approach the network with a check already filled out, a commercial already made, and a schedule of when you would like the ad to run. Even if your price is considerably lower than standard rates, because all they have to do is plug your commercial in, they will be better to run it than leave the slot blank.

Alternatively, you may negotiate other cost saving factors into the deal, such commercial creation - something that would normally add considerable cost.

These marketing techniques work across all media types. If TV is out of your budget still, you can apply these tips to radio, news paper, or magazines.

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