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Small Business Advertising-Marketing Tips For Growth

By Dean McNamara

Small business marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. Not that long ago marketing was a big budget, big business, phenomenon. The little businesses were confined to small adverts in local print media, or mail box drops.

Today even small businesses can go head to head with large corporations when it comes to marketing. How is this possible? Has the price of advertising dropped? Yes and No. Advertising in the mainstream media is still expensive - especially if you do not know how to do it effectively. But the main difference has been the advent of the internet.

Internet marketing has allowed small businesses to advertise in ways completely unheard of previously. It is possible to produce one outrageous advertising video (we are talking home budget video not multi million dollar movie budget) that connects with people in such a way that it is spread around the world almost instantly.

Advertising was a hit and miss affair that consumed lots of money. Web marketing has enabled advertisers to produce low budget campaigns making instant tweaks as the feedback comes in to produce profitable results in record time.

Small business web marketing can be as simple as having a Facebook fan page, or it can be a complex network of social media sites surrounding an authority website. Even on a modest budget it is possible to produce results that would put a big budget media campaign to shame.

Small business marketing dummies will enter the web arena with all the ideas of Hollywood. They think they have to produce high quality movies. They think all they have to do is put up television style adverts across the internet and customers will come. They think that marketing is all about shouting louder than anyone else. They fail in the thousands every day.

The basics of internet marketing today, and even more so tomorrow, are all about building relationships. People want to be able to be involved. They want to interact with your business online before they pull out credit cards. They want to see that others have interacted with you and had good results.

Think about these marketing tips for small businesses.

  • Can you create a community, club, or forum that will be a focal hub for your potential clients – and that will establish you as a leader in your industry.
  • Do you have a way that you can reward customers for referring business to you. Remember, customer acquisition is often the most expensive part of running a business.
  • Is there a way that you can make your relationship with your customers seem more personal. By becoming more approachable you will stand out in a sea of competition that is competing on price alone. It is also a way to compete with larger companies that do not offer this personal relationship.

There are in fact many ways that small businesses can compete with larger top heavy companies when it comes to marketing. Your ability to move faster, be more solution creative, and develop a relationship with customers and clients gives you the small business marketing edge.

Develop a small business marketing plan.