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Small Business Marketing Advice

By Cathy Shelver 

As a small business, marketing may be one of the last things on your mind. You may think marketing is what big companies do to enhance their name more than actually sell anything. In other words marketing is long term, and sales advertising is short term. As a small business you have you don’t know if there will even be a long-term so all you are going to worry about is sales. Well I believe that I can give you small business marketing advice that will be very helpful in the short term I.e. keep you making more money and for longer.

Small business marketing advice Tip1: Using the internet to build a name.

Okay so you the average run of the mill small business. You may or may not already have a website, if you do its great, but you are not ready to retire because of it. If you don’t, you probably don’t understand it, or think your small business can really benefit from the “World wide web“as you only cater for a small suburb or city.

Well let me tell you, you are wrong the internet could be your best cheapest and hardest working employee if used properly, and could very quickly move you through the ranks from small to large business. Why? Firstly websites are relatively inexpensive, what I mean is websites are more and more becoming your shop front or office; people starting to judge a company on how good and professional their website is. Now whatever industry you are in there is a market leader. For example; if you are in retail it would be Wal-Mart. Go and look at the market leader’s website. I can tell you that no company has a website that is unattainably better than another.

If you were to try and compete with the building or offices of a market leader that‘s impossible they spend millions. To compete with a website is much more attainable, there are many budding designers or out of school programmers etc wanting to make a name and would give you a fantastic website easily comparable to that of the market leaders at a very low price. So now you can see how easily the online world makes the real world more competitive for the small business.

Small business marketing advice Tip 2: Marketing to keep the name going.

My best small business marketing advice is, never forget the marketing of your brand or company identity. It is easy to think of sales as you only tool but marketing and sales work hand in hand and if marketing is done properly more sales will follow because of each sale, where as If you only focus on the sale that’s all you will get.

If you fully understand tip 1, and see how powerful a proper website can be, and always keep marketing your company. You will realize that small business marketing is easy and very lucrative, as the barriers to entry and cost are less, the target market is smaller and, personal attention is far easier to give. All of this marketing advice makes it easy for you to make sure your small business is remembered in the minds of your customers so that they always return.