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Developing A Small Business Marketing Strategy

By Dean McNamara

Creating a marketing plan for your small business is essential. If you launch a marketing campaign without the appropriate level of research and forethought you be buried in the noise of society. Your money will run out before those with deeper pockets and you will be one of the thousands of businesses that close down every day.

So how does a small business develop a marketing strategy?

First of all, you need to create a basic marketing plan that is tailored to the strengths of your business. It has to be specific and it has to be realistic. It is no good planning a big budget campaign if you have a small budget. Just as it is no good appealing to an affluent young singles market if you are selling budget family sedans.

Figure out what makes your business unique.

  • What do you do better than anyone else?

  • Is your product or service the first in a particular field?

  • Are you a newcomer to the market place with a fresh approach?

  • Are you faster, bigger, stronger, tastier?

  • Is your guarantee better than every other guarantee?

What ever your unique position is will become your key marketing position strategy. Remember, this has to be something that your customers can not get anywhere else – it is unique to you.

Next you will want to look at who your target market is.

  • What is their sex?

  • What is their age?

  • What is their financial status?

  • Are they married?

  • What are their common interests?

You should, if asked, be able to describe your target customer right down to what color socks they prefer (well maybe not quite, but in enough detail that the police could put together a Wanted poster for them).

Why do you need such an exact character sketch of your target market?

Because next you have to get inside their head. What are the questions they are asking? What are the problems they are facing? And how does your product or service help them?

Your customer is not a sea of people, it is one person with a specific problem. A mistake that many people make is just blasting an ad at the masses and hoping something will stick with someone. Unfortunately for people who market like that, their potential customers know that they are witnesses a sales pitch and the person behind it is only interested in a sale.

To really connect you have to address your customer in language that they are using and with the feelings that they are experiencing. Then your sales pitch will not be a sales pitch but it will a solution to their problems. They will know that you are relating to them personally as an individual.

One of the bonuses that your marketing strategy will experience with these tactics is that you will see word of mouth marketing as your customers tell others about the solution they have found. You may even get people recommending you on Twitter.

It all begins with developing your basic marketing plan, identifying your unique market position, and connecting with the individuals who are your customers.

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