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Small Business Marketing Solutions

By Cathy Shelver 


Small business marketing solutions: Internet survival depends on them.

Small businesses around the world succeed and fail every day. The sad reality is that the majority of small businesses fail even if they have an excellent product or service. One of the main contributing reasons for these failures is: incorrect, inefficient or inadequate marketing solutions or a combination of these.

Small business marketing solutions are advertised everywhere, every printing company, local newspaper radio stations etc, will offer any small business marketing solutions that promise the world. How often do you see advertisements for an opening sale or opening specials advertised in a local newspaper or radio station? To avoid a misunderstanding let me clarify these advertising media all have their place in a marketing campaign. The problem is over reliance on these mass distribution minimal targeting forms of marketing is exactly that, it is not targeted.

The Internet the only marketing solution a small business needs

The ever advancing technological solutions available are underutilized as small business marketing solutions. This is because many small businesses are still very mistakenly under the impression that the internet is for big business only. The reality is that online marketing solutions are the better for small businesses in many aspects than for big business.

Google adwords and PPC are words many small businesses have never heard of, this is where any business can advertise based on what users are searching for on Google. What makes this so ideal is that the business can very easily only advertise within a certain country, city or even suburb so imagine as a local hardware store you are only advertising to people searching hardware stores in your area. This is not where the targeting ends PPC stands for pay per click which means exactly that, only pay when a user who has searched for your service ,in your area and actually goes an looks at your website and your offers. It is like advertising with a sniper rifle.

Technology and the internet offer many other targeted marketing tools an example: Let’s say your business does pool maintenance. Using the new functionality of Google earth one can see pictures of every individual house on any given street. Searching in the neighborhood you service could very quickly show only houses that have swimming pools. Imagine only sending marketing material to the houses that have swimming pools in your area, the conversion of a great service with such targeted advertising can only be imagined.

Hopefully this article has demonstrated just some of the tools that are available. If used with a small bit of lateral thinking could give any small business the advantage to leave competitors behind. The small business marketing solutions discussed are not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination. Like most things do it yourself is possible, but to do it properly the use of a professional is always advised for best results. So look at our website and let our marketing solutions be the stepping stone your small business needs for absolute longevity.