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Understanding Your Customer

By Laurence Henry

Who is your customer?

One of the most important things that any new business must do is to properly understand who their customer is. I don’t mean in simple terms either. I mean to REALLY understand their customer.

What does your customer want? Why do they want it? What might they be feeling when they start browsing for a product? What kind of age and demographic might they be?

There are a whole host of questions that must be answered before you can build and effective marketing campaign, which will appeal to your target market. Being completely frank here, if you do not properly analyze your customers before you start trying to sell to them you are going to lose money.


Simple. How are you going to sell to somebody when you don’t really understand what will make them buy from you?

How do you know how to speak to them in your promotional and advertising media in a way that will force them in into action?

If you sell a cream to get rid of acne, do you think advertisements that simply say “Cure Your Acne Fast!” will be enough to move your potential customers to whip out their credit card without hesitation? Probably not!

Think about things differently. How might someone with bad acne feel? They may feel embarrassed, ashamed, and possibly even physically and socially uncomfortable.

Armed with that understanding do you think you could now come up with something a little more emotive than “Cure Your Acne Fast!”

How about something more along the lines of, “Finally free yourself from the embarrassment of acne”.

This is just an example, yet it should show you how understanding more about how your customer feels, and having a real grasp on what they really need from your product will allow you to speak to them in a way that will move them, and inspire them into buying action.

In the same way knowing what age your customers are likely to be will help you to speak to them in a language that they will understand, and in a way that is likely to appeal to them.

Now you begin to see the importance of properly understanding your customers. You must know them inside and out. You have to understand what drives them, what motivates them, and what ultimately makes them act.

Having a great product is not enough in today’s competitive markets. You must be able to explain to your customer in a clear and articulate way, the exact reasons why they must buy your product or service.

The only way you can do that is to know what those reasons are, so that you can make your product fit those criteria.

So with that in mind, here are the most important questions to answer about your customers before you begin a promotional campaign:

· What age are they likely to be?
· Is there a likely education level they may be?
· How much money might they have?
· What problem may they have?
· How does that make them feel?
· What is likely to motivate them?
· What do they REALLY want?
· Is there any other product or service they may have tried?

Get these questions answered, and you have a much better chance of building a successful promotional and advertising campaign, capable of producing great results for your business.

Even better, your customers will feel like you understand them, and will keep coming back to you!

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