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Email Marketing - Cutting Your Advertising Costs

By Dean McNamara


Email marketing is grossly under-used by many companies today. It never ceases to amaze me the number of shops I visit that make no attempt to solicit an email address. These same businesses spend thousands of dollars in promotional mailers and print advertising to get customers like myself through their doors.


The same, and greater, results could be achieved through the use of email marketing. It costs next to nothing to send an email, especially when compared to these other forms of marketing. Email is more targeted in that you can send offers to people who have bought from you in the past, and you can organize your list in such a way as to differentiate people into areas of interest.


Because the cost of sending emails is negligible you can send emails more often, building a relationship with your clients, and building a loyalty with them. You can afford to give more value and less sales pitches with each mailing, making the pitches that you do make more effective.


Customer interaction is also possible with email marketing. People will respond to an online survey, or competition, because it is simple. They do not have to remember to deliver a voucher in store, nor do they have to hunt for a stamp and envelope or a pen. Imagine the difference that knowing what you customers are looking for each season would make to stock purchasing.


Email marketing is more likely to generate viral marketing campaigns. How often have you been given a print mailer from a friend recommending that you take a look? Compare that with how often you have been forwarded an email from a friend saying take a look at this!


Does your business know how many of the mailers sent out end up in the trash unopened?


Another advantage of email marketing is that you are able to see how many people open each email and how many people click any links that are included in each email. This helps you test the kind of emails, subject lines, and offers that appeal to your customers.


With email marketing campaigns it is possible to test different emails on small portions of your list before rolling the email out to the whole list. This way you are able to test and tweak the email until it is converting satisfactorily before mailing to the entire list.


Emails are also very easily to personalize according to the information that you collect from your customers. It costs no extra to communicate using a customers name, business name, pet's name, or any other information that you have on hand. This is all done automatically without the need for someone to enter personalized information by hand.

If you are in a business that is not actively soliciting email addresses from your customers and potential clients you are leaving money on the table (lots of money). So grab a pen and paper right now and begin your campaign in email marketing.



These are just some of the reasons that I believe every business should be using email marketing as standard practice. If you don't start email marketing you will find that one day you will be wondering how your competition has managed to take all your business despite the thousands you are spending on advertising each month.

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