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New Zealand companies marketing overseas have long taken advantage of the pristine beauty of our natural countryside to enhance their brand image.

New Zealand lake

New Zealand consists of two main islands with several smaller islands. The two bigger islands - the North Island, and the South Island (for originality) are home to some 4 million people. The majority of whom live in the North Island. 

The North Island is home to the Capital city, Wellington, and the largest city Auckland.

The South Island, also known as the mainland, is highly regarded for the quality of lifestyle of its residents. Not to mention the most spectacular scenery.

New Zealanders (Kiwis) have a reputation for their can-do attitude. The recently deceased Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to climb mount Everest, and the first to reach the South Pole by tractor!

Many New Zealand sporting legends have far out performed their better equipped and highly trained rivals. The same is also true in the business world.

Farming exports have long been the backbone of the New Zealand economy. More recently tourism has played an increasing role in the economic welfare of the country, as many more adventure seekers arrive on our shores.

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